The Ten Basics of Successful Fundraising


Fundraising is a daunting task. It requires planning, strategy, and tenacity. But also, there is a lot of room for uncertainty to creep in.

Keeping these 10 Basics of Fundraising Success at the center of your fundraising efforts provides a solid framework for you to refer back to so you can maintain focus and intention when it comes to reaching your nonprofit’s goals.

  1. People give to people, not organizations.
  2. The secret ingredients to successful fundraising are passion and positive attitude.
  3. Few people make a gift without being asked…no one makes an increase in their gift without being encouraged.
  4. Quite often, too much material and information about the organization clouds the decision to give. Keep your Case for Support simple and direct.
  5. Recognition of a gift is best at the time the gift is made. Without a timely thank you, the good feelings that come with giving decrease quickly.

  6. Paper only in forms. People inspire.
  7. Recruiting specific people with particular talents to volunteer on a campaign is imperative. The money raised is directly proportional to the quality of the people asked to lead and serve the cause.
  8. Donors are rarely asked for too much money – many have been asked for too little.
  9. Showing up and making a personal ask is the surest way to secure a gift.
  10. After all the meetings and planning someone, at some time, must ask for a gift. And somebody must give.

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